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What Are Resin Driveways, How Much Do They Cost And What Colours Are Available?

We address common questions to help you make an informed decision about whether a resin bound surface is suitable for you and your homes kerb appeal, patio or footpath.

Understanding A Resin Driveway

They have become the UK’s fastest-growing choice for new driveway installations. If you’ve been searching for “Resin Driveways Near Me” or similar terms, you’re likely seeking information about these style of drives.

A resin aggregate driveway is composed of various sized and blend of coloured gravel mixed with a two-part UV stable resin compound. These permeable resin aggregates, ranging from 1-3mm up to 5mm, are coated with resin and hand-troweled onto the prepared area until smooth and level.

The resin acts as a binder, providing strength, durability, and a hard wearing surface capable of withstanding heavy loads and regular traffic. They offer low maintenance requirements and an attractive finish, making them ideal for homes with frequent use or multiple vehicles.

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    Sustainable Urban Drainage System

    Sustainable Urban Drainage System(SUDS) are becoming increasingly popular for use in resin bound driveways due to their environmental benefits and functionality.

    SUDS are designed to manage surface water in a more natural and sustainable way compared to traditional drainage systems.

    By incorporating this type of drainage into resin bound driveways, property owners can reduce the impact of stormwater runoff, minimize flooding risks, and help protect water quality.

    In addition to their environmental benefits, sustainable urban drainage systems in resin bound driveways can also help to reduce maintenance costs.

    The permeable surface of resin bound driveways requires less maintenance compared to traditional impermeable surfaces, as there is less risk of standing water or erosion. This can result in long-term cost savings for property owners.

    The cost varies based on factors such as excavation, overlay, or bonded surface options, as well as DIY kits. Understanding these factors helps homeowners make informed decisions about their driveway purchase.

    A fully excavated resin bound paving project involves several key steps:

    • Site Assessment and Preparation
    • Excavation
    • Installing Edgings
    • Base Construction
    • Binding Layer Application
    • Resin Bound System Install
    • Anti-Slip Coating
    • Curing and Cleaning

    Overlaying an existing driveway with aggregates and resin offers a cost-effective solution. Steps include

    • Preparation
    • Edging
    • Mixing
    • Application and curing.

    Generally if you already have either a concrete or tarmac surface then this option could be for you, you already have the base in place so why not use it. Professional installation ensures a durable and visually appealing surface that you would would get with a fully excavated installation.

    Resin Bonded

    While the cheapest option, resin bonded driveways may not offer the durability and longevity of other variations. Steps include prep work, resin application, aggregate application, and curing.

    If you are into DIY, resin bound kits are available.

    Below are some example costs for a resin driveway.

    Areas We Cover

    Type Of Resin Installation Price Per Square Metre
    Bound Full Excavation £90-£150
    Bound Overlay £80-£100
    Bonded £50-£80
    Kits DIY £38 – Per Square Metre

    You’ll find there is a huge range of colours on offer and a wide range of options to match your home’s exterior style and personal preferences. Whether you’re looking for a rustic charm or a modern edge, there’s a style to suit your vision.

    Let’s talk practicality. They aren’t just about aesthetics. They’re also durable, withstanding high levels of foot and vehicle traffic. They do not fade easily, maintaining its vibrancy even in harsh weather conditions. This means less maintenance for you and a constant, pleasing curb appeal for your home.

    Choosing the right shade can also enhance your property’s value. A driveway that complements your home’s exterior can create a harmonious look, making your property more attractive to potential buyers. So, you’re not just choosing a style to park your car on, you’re investing in your home’s future.

    It’s about making a choice that you’ll love every time you pull into your drive.

    For a better understanding please talk to the installer / contractor or click here.

    Resin Driveway Maintenance

    Regular maintenance is essential for preserving the longevity and visual appeal of your new driveway. Techniques include regular cleaning, preventive measures, and avoiding heavy loads. With proper care, a well-maintained driveway can last up to 25 years, providing long-term value and aesthetics for homeowners.

    Thay do offer a durable, attractive, and low-maintenance solution for homeowners seeking to enhance their property. Understanding the installation process, costs, colors, and maintenance requirements associated with this enables you to make informed decisions. With professional installation and regular maintenance, it can significantly enhance curb appeal and property value, making it a worthwhile investment for years to come.

    Key Benefits Of A Resin Driveway

    • Extend your home with a unique seemless driveway
    • SUDS compliant
    • No Planning Permission Required
    • Very Low Maintenance – Easy to Maintain
    • Extremely Durable and Very Long Lastin (25 years +)
    • Wheelchair Friendly
    • Quick Installation – Minimum Downtime
    • Eco-Friendly
    • Increased Property Value
    • Weed Resistant

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    Absolutley you can, the only caveat to this is that the original surface must be in good standing, if it has a few cracks thats ok as they can be repaired, this is also a less expensive way of completing an install as you already have the initial base and sub-base installed.

    No not at all if you are having a full excavation, this is where you completely dig out the ground and backfill with compacted hardcore, install an open grade porous tarmac sub-base then lay the resin bound aggregate on top of that.

    This installation is completely SUDS compliant as the rainwater runs back into the water table and not on the road and path

    Cleaning and maintaining is as simple as warm soapy water and a stiff brush or a pressure washer set on a low to medium pressure to keep the driveway looking pristine.

    Unlike block paving you do not get weeds and moss growing through so upkeep is at a minimum.

    Properly installed and maintained resin bound paving can last 25 years +

    It is extremely hard to estimate a cost per m² for a resin bound driveway because each project is completely unique. Generally, an average driveway project will cost from around £110.00 – £150.00/m² + VAT. That said, there are several factors that can and do influence the cost of a resin bound driveway.

    The major differences are that a resin bound instLLtion is fully permeable (Suds compliant) and has a smoother, glossier, more modern appearance. In contrast, a resin bonded surface is non-permeable and has a rougher appearance more similar to that of loose gravel.

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